Progressive Gymnastics Schedule 2019

Fall Session 1: September 9th through October 19th

Member registration opens July 28th; non-member registration opens August 4th.

Fall Session 2: October 28th through December 14th (NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING)

Member registration opens October 13th; non-member registration opens October 20th.

Click on the link below for ONLINE REGISTRATION!

Online Registration

Progressive Gymnastics

The Y offers a gymnastics class for every level!

  • Parent/Tot Classes:  This class is geared toward 2 and 3 year old with parent involvement.  Parents are responisble for guiding their children through exercises and keeping them on task.
  • Tiny Tot: This class is for 3 and 4 year olds who are able to participate in clas without a parent.  In Tiny Tot, they work on the basic gymnastics skills and loco-motor movements.
  • Green Stars:  Green Stars is for kids ages 5 and 6.  This class will offer them more advanced skills and the opportunity to increase their strength.  The can join the class regardless of gymnastics background.
  • Blue Stars:  This class is for anyone aged 7 and older regardless of their gymnastics background.  Blue Stars will work on skills, strength and flexibility.
  • Gold Stars: (Invite only) This class is for gymnasts who are hand selected by the coach and who have shown the talent to be on the Firestars team someday.
  • Firestars:  (Invite Only) This is our competitive team.  They work on skills and put together routines.