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Our All-Day Childcare Program has moved to it’s NEW location!  We are now located at 2323 Scott Street.  Phone 402-806-4520 for more information!

The Y is currently accepting applications for our All-day Preschool, and our Before and After School Program.

Why the Y for Preschool?

At the Beatrice YMCA Preschool, we believe that children are strong, capable learners who learn best through social and environmental interactions. That’s why we strive to provide opportunities for children to learn through play, both individually and in groups. Our hope is that our preschool will feel like home to you and your child, filled with nurturing love and care. Our fees include care Monday through Friday from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm, preschool curriculum from 8:45 am – 3 pm, breakfast, lunch, and 2 nutritious snacks every day.

AND… Our program also includes weekly swim lessons, gymnastics classes, Spanish lessons, and sign language – ALL INCLUDED IN THE COST!

We also offer care for children who are attending half-day preschool with the BPS preschool. Options:

  1. Mornings only and all day Wednesday $105/week.
  2. Afternoons only and all day Wednesday $105/week.
  3. All day Wednesday only 6:30 am – 6 pm $30/day.
  4. Before & After Public Preschool + all day Wednesdays $65
  5. Full-time preschool (Monday – Friday; all day) $130

When signing up online be sure to select the correct package.

Why the Y for Before and After School Care?

When you enroll your child in our Before and After School program, you have the peace of mind knowing that your child will have the option of breakfast before school, will be walked to the bus stop and have a safe ride to school.  After school, we offer a snack, (included in the cost) homework time and STEM Activities.  On Wednesday’s when BPS is dismissed early, we offer swimming along with our regular activities. We also offer care on days that BPS doesn’t have school along with snow days.  Care is offered from 6:30 am – 6 pm.  Packages designed to meet your needs are:

  1. Before & after public school, all early outs and 1/2 days – $65/week
  2. Before school, all early outs and 1/2 days – $45/week
  3. After school, all early outs and 1/2 days – $50/week

*Scheduled School Day Outs will be $25 per day with any of the above packages. All packages include snow days.

For more information email Missy Lamkin at

How Do I Register?

You can either register for both preschool and before and after school online by clicking on HERE, or you can pick up a packet at the front desk.

At the time of registering you are required to pay the first week’s fee as well as the registration fee. You will also need to print off all the forms linked below and return them to the front desk prior to August 5th (Before/After School) or August 10th (preschool). A SPOT WILL NOT BE HELD IN OUR PRESCHOOL OR BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL UNTIL PAYMENT AND PAPERWORK ARE RECEIVED.  (Registration fee is a one-time per year/per family $30 fee. If you have not paid this fee in 2019 you will need to pay at the time of registering. If you are unsure if you’ve paid it, call the Y at 402-223-5266.)

Below are the links to all the paperwork needed to have on file for your child to attend either Preschool, Summer Camp or our Before and After School Program.

Before and After School Child Care!

Once children reach school age, multiple influences enter their lives. Our Before and After School Program ensures that the time out of school is occupied creatively and constructively. Our child care program provides you the opportunity to work with the peace of mind knowing that your child is being cared for in a safe, nurturing and structured environment.

Session Dates

Before/After School Child Care follows the Beatrice Public Schools Calendar.

August 2019-  May 2020



Before School 6:30 am – 8:00 am (meets at the YMCA Preschool)
After School 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm (At the Y)
Early Out Wednesdays 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm


We strive to provide a safe, fun and happy environment for elementary school children by providing a wide variety of age-appropriate activities to promote self-confidence, cooperation, and team building skills.

Activities include:  arts & crafts, indoor & outdoor active play, games, music, nature, drama, simple cooking projects, homework lab and STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

For more information, contact Missy Lamkin at 402-806-4520.


Discovery Zone care is for children ages 1-7.  Infants six months to one year may be accepted at the discretions of the Discovery Zone Staff.


Category*** Price
Trial One Time $3.00/hr/child
15 Hour Punch Card $30.00
30 Hour Punch Care $52.50
Monthly (one child) $14.00 (Bank Draft Only)
Monthly Family $21.00 (Bank Draft Only


Morning Hours

  • Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Afternoon Hours

  • Monday  through Thursday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Friday – CLOSED