In 1883, a group of concerned Beatrice individuals started a boys club called the YMCA. Based out of a local church this group was concerned that wayward youth were unable to partake in physical activities and outings.

In 1903, a campaign to raise $25,000 for a YMCA building was conducted. At a mass meeting held at the Presbyterian and Methodist churches it was announced that only $13,000 of the necessary $25,000 had been raised. Mr. William A. Wolfe offered a surprise gift of the east half of the Wolfe-Bartling block on Court St. plus a substantial amount of cash if the Y would be named the Mary A. Wolfe Memorial YMCA. The Mary YMCA remained at this location until 1981 when a successful campaign allowed it to move to its present location at 1801 Scott St.

For over 100 years, the YMCA has remained the premier voluntary social service organization in Gage County, staffing over 100 volunteers and 95 paid staff.


Your Membership in the YMCA is, at all times, subject to the rules and regulations of the Beatrice Mary Family YMCA. Copies are available at the Service Desk upon request.

1: To use sauna/whirlpool, you must be 18 years of  age and have an individual membership.
2: Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times while  using the facilities.
3: Children under 14 years of age and older are not allowed in the Wellness Center unless they are participating in the iAthlete program.
5: Children 5 and under are allowed in the downstairs locker rooms of the opposite sex if being assisted by an adult.
6: Children 7 years and under must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the YMCA.
7: Misconduct and bad language are intolerable at the YMCA and if used may result in exclusion from the YMCA.
8: In the pool area children 7 and under need to be accompanied by an adult in the pool within arms reach.
9: The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. We suggest you leave your valuables  at home or be sure to lock your locker at all times.


A voluntary association: The YMCA leadership and ownership is vested in its members who are represented by a voluntary board of directors. The board establishes association goals and policies.

A not-for-profit association: The YMCA is a non-profit corporation under the federal 501.C3 guidelines.

Membership dues: The majority of the YMCA income comes from membership dues. Membership dues provide the capital for administration, day-to-day maintenance, supplies and repairs.

Program fees: Program fees that are collected pay for program staff salaries, supplies, facility preparation, program administration, registration and awards and certificates. All youth programs are subsidized in part by contributions received. There is an additional fee assessed to the non-member which is reflective of the cost of operating the YMCA that the member has already paid through membership dues.

United Way Allocation: The YMCA receives a substantial allocation from the United Way. These funds are used to reduce the cost of youth program fees and memberships.

Southeast Nebraska YMCA Foundation:  The Foundation, a separate entity from the YMCA, was founded to insure the perpetuity of the YMCA facility in Beatrice.

Strong Kids Campaign:  All non-designated contributions go to our Strong Kids fund. The fund assists low income youth and families to participate at the Y.